Analyzing iagos character in othello by william shakespeare

This shows that he can identify a fool and use them to his advantage. On the field of battle Othello is skilled and triumphant; in the drawing room he is reluctant until Desdemona takes the lead and encourages him to tell his life story. Suddenly he sees possibilities for himself to which he had never before aspired.

He confesses to Roderigo that this is the reason for his hatred; the reason for his desire to ruin Othello: When the colony of Cyprus is threatened by the enemy, the Duke and Senate turn to "valiant" Othello to lead the defense. Iago is a man with an obsession for control and power over others who has let this obsession take over his whole life.

Why is the representation tolerable, and why do we not accuse its author either of untruth or of a desperate pessimism? He is different from those around him, due to his origins and his life history, but he shares their religion, values, and patriotism to Venice.

Shakespeare has built the character of Iago from an idea already existing in the theatrical culture of his time: In a way, he is waiting for the dream to come to an end, for Desdemona to decide that she has made a mistake in marrying him. He leads an intense life, swinging between triumph and dread.

Moreover, he uses these judgmental thoughts as a justification for his actions. Chaos is the old concept of Hell, where everything is dreadful anguish, and Desdemona is the angel who has rescued Othello with her love.

How is it then that we can bear to contemplate him; nay, that, if we really imagine him, we feel admiration and some kind of sympathy? Whenever they look at his black face, however brilliant a general he is, he knows the others are thinking "Yes, but he is not really one of us.

He cares for no one, yet he devotes his whole life to revenge rather than walk away in disdain. Under pressure, he makes an inspiring speech.

In Exodus, God gives his laws to Moses on Mt. Though he shows hatred towards Othello and jealousy for Cassio, he still destroys the life of other characters. Each thing Iago says is cause for worry.

Othello and Desdemona are called upon to declare their love to the Duke. He is a general in the Venetian defense forces, and, although a foreigner from Africa, he has won this post by excellence in the field of war.

Analysis of Iago Character in Shakespeare’s “Othello” Essay Sample

Desdemona is called upon to speak for herself, and she says that she loves Othello, proving to her father that their love is indeed true. He claims a reputation for honesty and plain speaking, yet he invents elaborate lies in order to exploit and manipulate other people.

White is honor, black is wickedness; white is innocence, black is guilt. Such triumph, in a tragedy, cannot last. Iago is a psychopath, and is not capable of forming affectionate relationships or feeling guilt and concern over his behaviour.

Othello is an outsider who is intelligent and confident in military matters but socially insecure. Brabantio grudgingly accepts their marriage and Othello is sent to the battle with a fleet of ships, with Desdemona permitted to join him.

He enjoys playing mind games with people as it gives him a chance to use his real power, his mind. His manipulation abilities are ruthless, such that he goes to the extent of destroying or killing anyone for the sake of his hatred.

The first of these is the fact that perfectly sane people exist in whom fellow-feeling of any kind is so weak that an almost absolute egoism becomes possible to them, and with it those hard vices — such as ingratitude and cruelty — which to Shakespeare were far the worst.

Ironically, Iago was the person who in sighted the whole ordeal. Othello cannot stand uncertainty; it drives him to destroy his sanity. Iago is the opposite of God, that is, he is the Devil. Iago regards others as being simple in nature and that they merely exist for his amusement.

His obsession towards manipulation and scheming has led to so much pain and destruction, including his own life. The life of early separation from home and family, followed by danger and adventure, is perhaps the life story of thousands of men down the ages who become soldiers of fortune and who end up as corpses in ditches at an early age, unwept, unpaid, and unrecorded.

He is quite or nearly indifferent to his own fate as to that of others; he runs all risks for a trifling and doubtful advantage, and is himself the dupe and victim of ruling passion — an insatiable craving after action of the most difficult and dangerous kind.

If thou canst cuckold him, thou dost thyself a pleasure, me a sport. The play depicts how the life of Othella and his co-characters are destroyed in the hands of the antagonist, Iago.

Othello took the advice of others and chose Cassio, who is young and untested. Iago has a reputation for honesty, for reliability and direct speaking.

Let us be conjunctive in our revenge against him.Othello is a combination of greatness and weakness, in his own words "an honourable murderer" (V.2, ). He is a general in the Venetian defense forces, and, although a foreigner from Africa, he has won this post by excellence in the field of war.

In Act 2, Scene 1 of Othello, Iago formulates his plan to drive Othello mad. Shakespeare shifts the action from Venice to Cyprus. A storm has dispersed the Venetian fleet so that Cassio arrives first, anxious for Othello's safety.

Desdemona arrives later with Iago and Emilia. The group wait. Iago from Othello is a central character and understanding him is key to understanding Shakespeare's entire play, Othello - not least because he holds the longest part in the play: 1, lines. Iago’s character is consumed with hatred and jealousy.

Iago Character Analysis Essay - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. A short high school essay produced while studying Othello. Character analysis of Iago, recieved full marks/5(7).

William Hazlitt wrote: "Iago is an extreme instance of diseased intellectual activity, with the most perfect indifference to moral good or evil, or rather with a decided preference of the latter, because it falls more readily in with his favorite propensity, gives greater zest to his thoughts and scope to his actions.

Possibly the most heinous villain in Shakespeare, Iago is fascinating for his most terrible characteristic: his utter lack of convincing motivation for his actions. In the first scene, he claims to be angry at Othello for having passed him over for the position of lieutenant (I.i.


Analyzing iagos character in othello by william shakespeare
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