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Aware of the kind of fate her family has been allotted, Antigone feels she has nothing to lose. Creon ordered Eteocles buried in honor and left Polynices to rot on the pain of death.

The Oedipus Trilogy

The chorus in Antigone lies somewhere in between; it remains within the general moral and the immediate scene, but allows itself to be carried away from the occasion or the initial reason for speaking. Haemon Antigone essay help stabbed himself and lay beside Antigone in a pool of blood.

He is here warned that it is, but he defends it and insults the prophet of the Gods. Polynices and six foreign princes marched on Thebes. Ismene serves as a foil for Antigone, presenting the contrast in their respective responses to the royal decree.

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While ruined, she is a queen. He can also be seen as a tragic hero, losing everything Antigone essay help upholding what he believed was right. Unlike melodrama, tragedy is clean, restful, and flawless.

In Antigone, the hubris of Creon is revealed.


Creon replies that the mob already knows the truth, and he can do nothing. Athenians, proud Antigone essay help their democratic tradition, would have identified his error in the many lines of dialogue which emphasize that the people of Thebes believe he is wrong, but have no voice to tell him so.

Should someone who attempts to bury him in defiance of Creon be punished in an especially cruel and horrible way? His argument says that had Antigone not been so obsessed with the idea of keeping her brother covered, none of the deaths of the play would have happened.

Natural law and contemporary legal institutions[ edit ] In Antigone, Sophocles asks the question, which law is greater: Herodotus discussed how members of each city would collect their own dead after a large battle to bury them.

Creon assents, leaving with a retinue of men. This modern perspective has remained submerged for a long time. Being too cowardly to imprison him, Oedipus let him join the Argive army. Creon howled for the slaves to remove the stones.

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The Chorus notes that truly if it had not been for Antigone, all would have been at peace. Creon accuses Tiresias of being corrupt. In Antigone we see a woman so in need of familial connection that she is desperate to maintain the connections she has even in death.

She asks if he could give someone a letter, offering him her ring. Tiresias warns Creon that Polyneices should now be urgently buried because the gods are displeased, refusing to accept any sacrifices or prayers from Thebes. The Guard rambles about his pay, rations, and professional quibbles.

Because Creon said yes, he can only sentence her to death. She tells him that she will never be able to marry him. In this play, Creon is not presented as a monster, but as a leader who is doing what he considers right and justified by the state.

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Antigone is the girl who will rise up alone and die young. Haemon, Antigone's dashing fiancé, chats with Ismene, her beautiful sister. Though one would have expected Haemon to go for Ismene, he inexplicably proposed to Antigone on the night of a ball.

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The Three Theban Plays - Oedipus the King - Oedipus at Colonus – Antigone by Sophocles Translation by F.

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