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Those effects can be acute, affecting you only while you are at altitude, or—as the Fayed study found—they can be longer-lasting. Some needed no scan to tell them their brains had been injured. In fact, amateurs seem to be at greater risk, because they are more likely to suffer acute mountain sickness or high-altitude cerebral edema.

From there, the book moves between events that take place on the mountain, and the unfolding tragedy, which takes place during the push to the summit.

Into Thin Air: Mountain Climbing Kills Brain Cells

This was the third-highest recorded number of deaths on the mountain in a single day; the April Nepal earthquake caused the most at In the book, Krakauer alleges that essential safety methods adopted over the years by experienced guides on Everest are sometimes compromised by the competition between rival guiding agencies, in order to get their clients to the summit.

Krakauer is afraid that because many of the climbers are inexperienced, that he will have to watch out for them while they are of little help to him.

His heroism was not a fluke. Does the brain recover from these mountaineering wounds? The original magazine story was to have Krakauer climb only to base campand report on the commercialization of the mountain. On Everest, loyalty basically means that a climber will risk his or her own life to help another.

Now a similar experiment has been done with noninvasive brain imaging, and for those of us who love to climb the results are not elevating. Krakauer, a journalist for the adventure magazine Outsideinitially said his intentions to climb Everest were purely professional. Why do the South Africans refuse to help?

Sometimes the optic nerves swell so badly they bulge into the back of the eye, degrading vision and causing retinal hemorrhages. Boukreev later mounted repeated solo rescue efforts, saving several lives.

Of the 13 climbers, three had made the 8,meter summit, three had reached 8, meters, and seven had topped out between 6, and 7, meters. The results in the Everest climbers were the starkest.

Two complained of transient memory loss after returning, and three others struggled with bradypsychia slowed mental function. Countless times during the climb, clients get into trouble and their guides rush to their assistance, at times climbing for hours and for thousands of extra feet to perform rescues, bring oxygen, or assist in climbing.

How High Is Too High?

All the scans of the other 12 showed cortical atrophy or enlargement of the Virchow-Robin VR spaces. Meanwhile blood, concentrated from dehydration and thickened by increased numbers of red blood cells, clots more easily.

The first acute stage is called, naturally enough, acute mountain sickness. Two climbers reached the summit, five climbed to between 6, and 6, meters, and one reached 5, meters. Themes Commercialism on Everest Krakauer is hired to report on the commercialism on Everest, but the business he encounters there is beyond what he imagined.Into Thin Air A Rhetorical Analysis By Whitney Johnson AP English III InKrakauer was sent to Mount Everest by Outside Magazine to report on the commercialization of the mountain.

Introduction Into Thin Air is a personal account of the expedition of Mount Everest. This article was originally published with the title "Brain Cells into Thin Air" (Further Reading) Evidence of Brain Damage after High-Altitude Climbing by Means of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Into Thin Air Straddling the top of the world, one foot in Tibet and the other in Nepal, I cleared the ice from my oxygen mask, hunched a shoulder against the wind, and stared absently at the vast sweep of earth below.

I understood on some dim, detached level that it was a spectacular sight. Mosso, peeking into the man's skull, observed vague changes in swelling of the brain, but the crude methods available at the time limited his analysis.

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Attitudes of into thin air by
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