Banks relationships with their publics essay

The British institute of public relations defined public relation as a deliberate planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and it public.

This personality is formed not necessary on the objective evidence but by impressions reviewed and subjective evaluations made by the various corporate publics. For instance, while the PRSA definition emphasizes that PR is a communication process aimed at building mutual relationships among individuals and organizations, Curtis does not necessarily consider PR as a communication process.

Effective communication tools, such as in-house journals, notice towards, memos, management and junior Staff Forum are also necessary avenue for building up the bank-staff relation.

Since the Management is the overall head of the Bank, he also is connected with the public relations practices of the Bank. However, the definitions differ, particularly in addressing the extended functions of PR. Curtis notes that the work of PR professionals involves building long-term and positive relationships among individuals, organizations, and other key stakeholders.

In this respect, whatever the public perceives of the Bank is what really makes its corporate image. As an adviser, he makes public recommendations to management. The General Services Officer is responsible for co-ordinating all the activities geared towards establishing and maintaining cordial relationship between the Bank and its numerous customers and employees.

The actions of these bodies to which public relations has an obligation of obedience, cooperation and compliance are laws, policies, regulations, protocol, export, immigration and company quota directives. To achieve a good media relationship, the public relations practitioner must be reliable and trustworthy.

It is the responsibility of the public relations officer to appreciate the enormity of the tasks before him since he is charged with the duty pf ensuring that the corporate image of his task is acceptable enough to keep them in business.

Request for financial and general information must be handled in a courteous manner. When an organization does not provide amenities for the people, the community fees such as organization as an intruder and enemy and fires to sabotage it. This will certainly help him achieve much will les effort. Nonetheless, from the discussions above, it can be concluded that PR is used to promote a wide range of management functions including product and service publicity, protection or promotion of images, and building mutual relationships among individuals and institutions.

This aspect determines the standard of living of the inhabitant of that social, the quality of their education, health, leisure, travel, communication, food sufficiency and other. The public relations manager is placed at the same managerial position with other managers and is directly responsible to either the general manager or the chief executive as the case may be.

Being socially responsible from this perspective means that as a public relations person, one should urge the management of his or her organization to consider the public interest or the advantages the public will derive or the benefits that will accrue to the public in whatever policies the management engages in.

Therefore, practitioner has to be aware of the law which regular public communication. Potential shareholders must be kept in constant communication.

The Role of Public Relations in Community Banking

Conclusively, a socially responsible organization from all intents and purposes is the one that strikes a balance between the urge to make profit and the desire to take care of the environment. The Bank equally carry its community along as they grant them credit facilities at an affordable rate of interest.

Finally, employees are the ambassadors of an organization. This category includes the following, communication through personal contacts, spoken words, printed materials and exhibitions. To keep shareholders abreast on the profitability and future prospects of the Bank e.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many definitions of PR today. Therefore, conflict reduction forms the rationale for the definition of PR in this case Heath, Yet from a totally different angle, a host of scholars including Heath defines PR as a tool that is not only aimed at product and service promotion and protection, or promotion of images, but it is also designed to minimize the cost of conflicts that can arise between individuals and institutions.

Some of their other customers are not their interest in mind. Although occasional courtesy call are permissible.

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In the same vein, public relations also has a duty of obedience, compliance and cooperation with the actions of such bodies. He reports back to the management on any event which will help to foster good image of the Bank, gain and retain the interest of the general public towards the Bank.

In the mass media sector are the print media which consists of newspaper, magazine, professional and technical journals. The second is the broadcast media, which comprises of radio and television. Definition of Public Relations. The major objectives of the public relations department include the following: On the other hand, the definition by Heath differs greatly from the two definitions by focusing on conflict reduction as one of the PR functions.

Special programmes are specifically developed and targeted at potential shareholders to attract them to the company. They generate some of the capital that bank use frothier daily operation.

World Book Dictionary vol.It is essential in today’s society that consumers are able to maintain trust in their bank, and rely on the implicit confidentiality of the relationship. The right to privacy is of fundamental importance to most consumers This is essential particularly in commerce.

On the other hand, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) defines PR as, “ a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics” (Public Relations Society of America [PRSA], ).

The general legal relationship between bank and its customer The general legal relationship of bank and customer is contractual relationship, started from the date of opening an account. [ 1 ] When customer deposits money into his bank account, the bank becomes a debtor of the customer.

The Role of Public Relations in Community Banking. This chapter review literature relating to the “ Roles of Public Relation in Community Banking” and how Public relations help in enhancing customers satisfaction in Community banks.

Relationships Between Banks And Customers There are many types of relationships which can arise between a bank and its customers as bank nowadays are providing many types of services to the public.

The relationships are usually complex as a result of the huge variety of product and services being offered by the bank in the modern era.

Definition of Public Relations essay

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Banks relationships with their publics essay
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