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The happiness that the couple must have felt, would soon, however, be destroyed. Marie grew up as the youngest and favorite daughter, and was brought up believing that she would become the queen of France.

They called for an escape to the interior of France and an appeal for royalist support in the provinces. From the moment she entered France, she was unpopular and ill received by the French people. Not only was she unpopular with the people outside the palace of Versailles, where she would call home, but she was also unpopular within the palace itself.

Louis and Antoinette gave all of their private spending money for a year to relieve the suffering of the victims and their families. He Biography of marie antoinette essay introverted, shy and indecisive, a lover of solitary pleasures such as reading and metalwork.

During the crises of as well as those to come, Marie-Antoinette proved to be stronger and more decisive than her husband.

During this time the queen had been deprived of the company of many of her most intimate friends, as they had emigrated after the fall of the Bastille, but she continued to display great personal courage that sustained the royal family both then and throughout its later disasters.

Picture 3 - "Marie Antoinette" from: Between andshe became known for trivial, yet very expensive escapades which included the following: The Political side of her and her family status was the main source of The French Revolution.

Louis XVI was executed on orders from the National Convention in Januaryand in August the queen was put in solitary confinement in the Conciergerie.

Within months, Marie Antoinette and Louis Auguste were pledged to marry each other. In May the queen reached out to the comte de Mirabeaua prominent member of the National Assembly who hoped to restore the authority of the crown.

Her life seems to have been a very fulfilling one, and she was a powerful women, though quite "air headed" about what her people needed. The coronation took place at the cathedral in Reims and the new king and queen exclaimed, "Protect us, Lord, for we reign too young. And as Queen, she wanted the best for her people, giving generous donations and contributions to the minority.

Life in the palace was difficult for her. Turgot — and became involved in court scandals against them. Marie-Antoinette spent the remainder of her life in Parisian prisons.

She had gained popularity with people of France at first with her generosity as she continuosly gave to the poor of Paris. At the end of May she seemed to have intervened little in politics, as she was distracted by the illness of her elder son, who died early in June.

Versailles Marie Antoinette was greatly disliked by the French due to the fact that she was indeed a non-native to the French area.

Picture 4 - "Marie Antoinette" from: The princess de Lamballe, who remained loyal to the queen throughout the Revolution, was imprisoned along with her.


She was a devoted mother,making sure her children were well educated, and cherished. Not only was she loyal to the alliance, but she was also very loyal to her homeland of Austria and wanted to see them benefit Reid 1. This event may have been the start of the peoples tarnished images of Marie, but nothing was as bad as her idea of running away.

What Marie Antoinette was actually like was beside the point; the image of the queen was far more influential than the woman herself. On June 20,Marie and her family fled out of the palace. Picture 1 - "Marie Antoinette" from: Many of the people in their court now suspected the queen and king of trying to destroy the new improvements made in the revolution.

As soon as the arrival of a stranger of rank at Vienna was made known, the Empress brought her family about her, admitted them to her table, and by this concerted meeting induced a belief that she herself presided over the education of her children.

Although many through time have viewed her as a shallow, weak and a self- indulgent person. Even before she started her adolescent life, her life and its course were being dictated by other people and other events beyond her control.

She surrounded herself with a small circle of friends and created the image of an untrustworthy foreigner, not only among the common French people, but also among the other nobles and courtiers.

She describes a French Court dominated by intricate rules of etiquette and protocol and excessive attention to fashion and grooming. Women, especially those in royalty, were seen more as bargaining tokens than women and marriages were not based on mutual love, respect, and caring, but on some alliance or union Lewis 1.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Marie Antoinette with her children Once the Revolution in had begun, Marie Antoinette sided with the close-minded people at court who were against compromising with the more modest revolutionaries and started asking help from her brother, Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II.

The marriage between Louis XIV of France and Marie was an arranged marriage between the two countries which formed the Franco-Austrian alliance, which was not popular with the French people.

Inthe monarchy was abolished. She was brought before the Revolutionary tribunal on October 14,and was guillotined two days later.Marie Antoinette is one of the most controversial women in history. Her life has inspired many fiction novels, movies, biographies and much Fair Use Policy; History Of Marie Antoinette History Essay.

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our. Marie-Antoinette: Marie-Antoinette, queen consort of King Louis XVI of France. Her name is associated with the decline in the moral authority of the French monarchy in the closing years of the ancien regime.

Marie Antoinette

Her actions during the French Revolution contributed to the overthrow of the monarchy in August The Life of Marie Antoinette by Erin Gonce.

Marie Antoinette was born on November 2, Her parents were the Empress Maria Theresa and Holy Roman Emperor Francis I. Inat the age of fifteen, the Austrian Princess Marie was married to the Dauphin Louis, the heir to the French throne.

This essay will provide both sides of this argument, stating findings and facts about Marie Antoinette’s influence on the people of France, and what feelings she provoked in them with her actions, and if there was an.

Marie Antoinette: Research Paper

Marie Antoinette is perhaps one of the most famous French Monarchs. Born an Austrian princess, married into the House of Bourbon, the last monarchs to rule French, Marie Antoinette has had a major impact on French History, most importantly, the French Revolution.

Marie Antoinette was born Maria 3/5(5). Essay about Marie Antoinette Words | 6 Pages. Strassburg itself and at Saverne outside Strassburg she was the guest of Cardinal Louis de Rohan, who would later so damage her reputation in the so-called "Diamond Necklace Affair".

Biography of Marie Antoinette Essay.

Biography of marie antoinette essay
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