Csr an indian perspective

Corresponding scrutiny of indemnity Csr an indian perspective divestment clauses, for instance, should also be expected as investors will consider CSR-associated risks over the term of their investment. Eternal or intrinsic ethical values always inspired by Kantian ethics and denoted as some normative and universal principles like social justice, fairness and human rights Corporate citizenship i.

While the original CSR obligations under any foreign legislation lie primarily with the foreign investor, these will now increasingly be seen as non-discretionary items in any investor due diligence.

National Conference on CSR: Thus CSR is denoted as a company stakeholder responsibility. In India, private equity investments have attracted renewed attention by FIIs as of late.

CSR – Perspectives for Indian Companies

Saturday, Dec 19th Distribution and sale of products in foreign jurisdictions consumer nexus. Different companies do this in a multitude of ways term programs for executives, entrepreneurs and professionals.

The development of the steel firm in the vicinity should take care of the social needs of the society where it is operating from. Jag Kundi Citi U. First the government has to ensure that the firm has all the requisite clearances and land is acquired by following the due course of law. The drafting of the Act highlights the diversity in the definition of the very concept of CSR.

CSR disclosure obligations for listed companies are not just an option any more in certain EU jurisdictions. The fact that the prosecutor did order investigations in both instances, however, is seen as an indication that French public authorities will be increasingly attentive to ethics-based legal claims.

The lawsuit was following up on press reports of poor working practices in manufacturing facilities operated by Nike subcontractors in Asia — and on a Nike public campaign to counter these allegations. In an early landmark Kasky v Nike case, U. In particular, a warm thank you to the speakers: The stakeholder theory emphasizes special social rather than any others unrelated to the corporation.

For further information, please contact: This workshop offers the participants the opportunity to discuss the evolution of CSR approaches in India, in the aftermath of the new Companies Actand the emerging trends worldwide.

It is thus distinct in approach but not in finality to the Indian approach, as envisaged under the Act, which directs corporate CSR expenses to be primarily applied to non-core activities.

This note contemplates limited examples of situations of extra-territorial CSR application — and how Asian companies operating locally may find themselves, directly or indirectly, subject to foreign CSR standards. The stakeholder theory of CSR. Do we need a law to even fulfil our obligations???

This theory justifies CSR on 3 varied but interrelated ethical grounds:Corporate social responsibility and financial performance: An empirical analysis of Indian banks Author links open overlay panel Shafat Maqbool M.

QFD approach to define CSR: Indian perspective

. Page 58 A EB M Nishi Sharma - (IJAEBM) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Vol No. 1, Issue No. 2, - CSR Practices and CSR Reporting in Indian Banking Sector Abstract- In recent years Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has witnessed an astounding ascendancy and.

Theories of CSR

Empirical Study in Indian Perspective Ms Parminder Kaur Assistant Prof in Commerce Arsd College University of Delhi ABSTRACT: There is an unresolved paradox concerning the role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in KEYWORDS: Corporate social responsibility, purchase intention, consumer behavior.

Status and direction of corporate social responsibility in Indian perspective: an exploratory study Status and direction of corporate social responsibility in Indian perspective: an exploratory study.

Corporate Social Responsibility: An Asian Perspective

Keywords: CSR, Ethics, Indian Culture etc. 1. INTRODUCTION Corporate Social Responsibility means corporate at its social front. Corporate: Organized Business Entity Social: Anything concerned with people Responsibility: Accountability Humans are the colonized civilians and lives in a society that follows the theory of give and take.

RELATION OF PROFITABILITY OF COMMERCIAL BANK’S ON CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: AN INDIAN PERSPECTIVE Satyam Kumar Research Scholar, Department of Management Birla Institute of Technology (Lalpur Campus), Ranchi, Jharkhand Phone: +91 Email ID: [email protected] Professor (Dr.) .

Csr an indian perspective
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