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This is knowing what coavtion they wish to take that will prepare them in their future. It is the process of planning, organizing, controlling, directing, guiding, and evaluating the use of resources available for the family.

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These consist of expenses that occur regularly within a period of time. Fearful of failure resulting from constant criticisms. It is transmitting clear and adequate instrucions to make sure that the assigned activity is being done accordingly.

Is the period in which the fertilized ovum implants itself in the uterus undegoes cell-divisions This is the time when an individual becomes interested in the opposite sex.

It is the systematic and organized use of time and energy.

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Is a child not more than 12 months of age This is when adolescents struggle for independence from their parents. This is when physical or bodily changes take place to boys and girls.

It is making sure that things conform according to the plan. Moody, quick in exhibiting temper outburst, anxious, and irritable. They should be given nutritious food that are substantial to their growth.

These are children from age 1 to 6 years old. As an individual grows, the ability to think and reason out becomes deeper 4. It is thoughtfulness, always ready to help you It is a careful formulation of goods and finding ways and means of attaining the set goals. This is the priority in the household budget.

The period of old age. These are expenses do not come regularly Technology and Livelihood Education TLE LET Online Reviewer Shade only one 1 box for each question on your answer sheetsView Notes. LET REVIEWER (Technology & Livelihood) 1.

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It refers to the stream of money, goods, services and satisfaction that comes under the control I am TLE major. Send me please ([email protected]). Thank you. Reply Delete. sir pls email me with your killarney10mile.com took LET exam this killarney10mile.com you.

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Reviewer in TLE 1. a. Vitamin B1 c. Vitamin A b. vitamin D d. Vitamin K 1 It is otherwise known as the “anti-hemorrhagic vitamin”.

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Technology And Livelihood Education (t.l.e-II)

exam in tle5/5(1). Valenzuela National High School Third Periodical Examination Technology and Livelihood Education - Basic Bookkeeping and Accounting S.Y. –

Exam in tle
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