Matlab write avi file

Indexed and grayscale AVI files have 8 bits per pixel. To create a custom file, use Windows Media Encoder and use the Export feature of the Compression tab. If you do not specify a value before calling the open method, then VideoWriter sets the bit depth based on the input data type.

Quality — Control size of output video file 75 default integer Control size of output video file, specified as an integer in the range [0,]. The quality can be specified for both audio and video. Use this property to control whether the object writes audio samples to the video file.

After you call open, you cannot change the FrameRate value. This compression reduces the size of the video file. AudioCompressor — Audio compression encoder None uncompressed default system compressors Specify the type of compression algorithm to implement for audio data. Height of each video frame in pixels, specified as a scalar.

AudioInputPort — Write audio data false default true Write audio data, specified as false or true. For example, if the input data to writeVideo is a three-dimensional array of uint16 or int16 values, then the default value of MJ2BitDepth is 16, and VideoBitsPerPixel is 48 three times the bit depth.

Writing any other file type is not supported. For AVI files you can choose from the available codecs to compress the audio and video streams. The field "frames" is used to specify the time that audio should start, the rest of the time is extrapolated based upon the "rate" and the nrSamples.

Number of bits per pixel in each output video frame, specified as a numeric scalar. The video structure matches the output of mmread. To launch the tab completion functionality, type the following up to the open quote.

Usage For versions earlier than Rb, use the step function to run the System object algorithm. For example, if the input data to writeVideo is an array of uint8 or int8 values, then MJ2BitDepth is 8.

To obtain a list of available video compressors, you can use tab completion. If LosslessCompression is true, then: Lower quality numbers result in lower video quality and smaller file sizes.


The "frames" field must be a struct array with a field "cdata" that contains the raw frame data encoded as height by width by color 3 as UINT8s. This property applies only when writing AVI files on Windows platforms. However, doing so increases the file size.

Increase this value for greater video quality. The data is compressed as much as possible, up to the specified target. For videos which also contain audio data, the rate of the audio data will be determined as the rate of the video multiplied by the number of audio samples passed in.

Choose None uncompressed to save uncompressed audio data to the video file.Accessing the individual AVI frames is not difficult and can be done in just a few short commands.

As far as file types for the images, you can save in whatever file format that imwrite supports in your version of MATLAB. Guys I want to convert an avi file into yuv video clip.

Is there any method to do that? thx! how to convert avi file to yuv (software/matlab/source code/c/c++ anything) Ask Question.

vision.VideoFileWriter System object

any solution to Matlab VideoReader on compressed avi file on Mac? Write a sequence of frames to a compressed AVI file by generating a sequence of frames, creating a video object for the file to write to, and then writing the frames to the video file.

Setup the axes and figure properties to generate frames for the video. Write video frames and audio samples to video file. expand all in page. Description. It writes video frames to an uncompressed '' video file. Every call to the step method writes a video frame.

Run the command by entering it in the MATLAB Command Window. Export to Video To create an Audio/Video Interleaved (AVI) file from MATLAB ® graphics animations or from still images, follow these steps: Create a VideoWriter object by calling the VideoWriter function. Exporting Audio/Video Data MATLAB includes several functions that you can use to export audio or video data from the MATLAB workspace.

These functions write audio data to a file using specific file formats.

Matlab write avi file
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