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Women and children were collectively looked after and the old and the sick must have been exempted from the daily rigmarole of food collection. He turned into a pacifist and converted to Buddhism. The weaker groups were driven away or taken over by stronger groups.

The region resisted integration into the Mughal empire untilwhen it was conquered by Sultanate of Bengal. Time and again random movements of stronger groups in search of food and new lands led to the violation of boundaries and resulted in clashes.

The species reported are leguminosae, poaceae, and cyperaceae; endemic cassipourea ceylanica; five species of seagrass, and more. The CDA was set up for restoration and overall development of the lake under the Indian Societies Registration Act as a parastatal body under the administrative jurisdiction of the Forest and Environment Department, with the following charter: InChilika was taken out of the Montreux Record, in light of the improved conditions of the lake.

In Septemberthe desiltation of the channel connecting the lake to the sea and opening of a new mouth to restore the natural flows of water and salinity levels was carried out. Equally importantly, there were phases when contact with other cultures out-groups opened up the tribal societies and paved the way for their social and culture transformation.

The lake Chilika is part of the coastal plains. History[ edit ] Geological evidence indicates that Chilika Lake was part of the Bay of Bengal during the later stages of the Pleistocene period 1.

It constitutes a society in itself. The local fishermen, to maintain their livelihood, had to cut open the mouth regularly to gain access to the sea for fishing. The recovery of many woodworking adzes and other artifacts shows that Golabai was a boat-building centre. The mouth, which was 1.

Important species identified are:.

At the census the tribal population accounted for 7. Indian tribes have been living between two worlds: It had Cuttack as seat and bordered Bihar, Bengal and Golconda subahs as well as the remaining independent and tributary chiefs.

Fromthe Orissa and Bihar governors were reduced to deputies of the Nawab later Nizam of the pseudo-autonomous Bengal Subah. A general increase in salinity of the central and northern zones occurs due to wind induced mixing by the predominantly southern winds and salinity in the southern zone does not rise appreciably.

Bathymetry survey indicates extreme shallow depths in the northern sector, with less than 1. It is a major island in the center of the lake and has an area of Catchments management in a "participatory micro watershed management in a whole ecosystem approach" Protection of bird habitat and of bird species Economic incentives to the local population to stop poaching of birds Measures to improve the socio—economic conditions, such as training programmes to develop eco-tourism, Provision of solar streetlight systems to island villages Development of a ferry service for isolated villages Construction of landing facilities for fisher folk, as well as education and environmental awareness activities.

Emergence of the private family and the gender-based division of labour must have been later developments in history. The dissolved oxygen values were between 3. Some species listed in the IUCN Red List of threatened animals inhabit the lake for at least part of their life cycle.

Removal of invasive species of freshwater aquatic plants, especially water hyacinthdue to restoration of salinity, is a contributing factor for the recent increasing attraction of birds to the lake.

The land-based system comprises distributaries of the Mahanadi River on the northern side, 52 river channels from the western side and the Bay of Bengal on the eastern side.

It was expected that such an action would benefit from the advice from Ramsar Advisory Mission and other identified technical assistance programmes.

Official lists published by the census commissioners in different states add to the already prevailing confusion. The Indian situation, therefore, complicated further the problem of defining a tribe Box 4. Yayati II is supposed to have built the Lingaraj temple at Bhubaneswar. This location, which gave access to the sea via Chilika Lake, gives strong evidence of the maritime activities of this region.

But, they then broke the treaty by attacking the temple town of Puri. The lake is vaguely pear shaped and has a maximum length of They agreed to treaty because their leader Qutlu Khan Lohani had recently died.

Similarly, their names as pronounced in tribal dialects vastly differ.

A few points may be highlighted here in order to develop some clarity on the basic issue of definition. This, however, excludes the tribal communities in the state of Jammu and Kashmir where the census operations could not take place in The tribes are heavily concentrated in the former and not in the latter.We will write a custom essay sample on Constitutional purpose and other uses of U.S.

Census specifically for you for only $ $/page. Housing Finance Market In India Finance Essay; Useful Tips and Guides. Orissa Review () included a chapter titled as ‘Orissa-Housing Profile’ which states that total number of households in Odisha are lakhs and census houses are lakhs.

About 77% of the occupied houses in rural areas are used for residential purpose which is. Orissa Review (Census Special) Reasons for Migration in Orissa (Interstate) - Santosh Kr.

Chilika Lake

Acharya Migration is one the most important demographic component to determining the size, growth and structure of population of a particular region, besides fertility and mortality. Free census papers, essays, and research papers.

Essay on Indian Tribes

My Account. Your search you will get a good review of Perry County, Kentucky’s population broken down into groups of gender, race, children, senior citizens, and the disabled. Chattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. The modern state of Orissa was established in the year 1st April, and it.

Orissa Review (Census Special) Census in Different Countries of the World A census is the procedure of systematically acquiring and recording information about the members of a given population. It is a regularly occurring and official count of a particular population.

The term is used mostly in connection. Essay on Indian Tribes. Article shared by: let us review the mul­tiplicity of tribal names as in vogue in different regions of the country today to be able to reach the minimum clarity.

The Orissa list shows Munda as well as Mundari separately; other sub-tribes such as Munda-Lohara or Munda-Mahali are also bracketted with Munda.


Orissa review census special essay
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