Patton fuller ratio

Equity financing is more appropriate since it will reduce the interest expense. The number of patients per day makes a steady decline between March and July and increases between August and February with a small dip in December.

Accounts receivable increased in as compared to the year and this explains the increase in provision for doubtful debts. To raise more revenues, Patton-Fuller hospital might have provided more credit to clients and also more investment in inventories and fixed assets to enhance revenues.

The assets have increases in the year by 7. The Days Cash on Hand decrease, due to cash equivalents. Planning becomes more predictable when there is more accumulated yearly data documented for analysis.

The Current Ratio decrease, due to assests, and an increase in liabilities, which indicates a 2.

Patton-Fuller Sensitivity Analysis Essay Sample

Return on Total Assets increase did what? In both years, the hospital incurred losses. This shows that the hospital purchased more inventories on credit. This indicates inthe hospital attended to more patients than in Revenue needs to rise to avoid the debts of the hospital from increasing.

Patton-Fuller Community hospital performed well in the year than in The hospital is presently making adequate revenue to cover the debts, which equals to no profit.

However, if significant supplies were purchased due to vendor discountsthe increase in Inventory could have been an astute business decision.

The increase in current assets and fixed assets is financed by debt. Hospital Nurse Staffing and Quality of Care.

Trend analysis happens when analyzing the same information to help predict changes based on historical data. More expenses were incurred in the generation of the increased revenues. Fixed assets increased in and this is reason why depreciation in increased.

The sharp drop in cash was offset by large rises in Net Accounts Receivable and Inventory, which are ordinarily unfavorable events also.

HCS 405 Week 4 Patton-Fuller Ratio Computation

Based on the audited financial statements, the eight ratios show that: It is clear that the hospital is relying more on debt financing and this is evident by the decrease in retained earnings by Because the hospital has decrease expenses 1.

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital [Multimedia]. They should decrease investment, particularly inventories and account receivables. The percentage increase was Analysis of Patton-fuller Hospital’s Audited Financial Statements Introduction This is to analyze the financial performance of Patton-Fuller hospital for the year The financial performance of the year has been compared with performance in Both the statement of revenue and expenses and balance sheet has been compared.

HCS Week 4 Patton-Fuller Ratio Computation. Resource: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Virtual Organization. Review the financial statements, located in the Patton Fuller Community Hospital Virtual Organization.

Click on the Virtual Organization link in the “Resources” tab. Click on the Healthcare tab and access the Patton-Fuller Community. Currently the immediate need at Patton-Fuller is the ratio of patient to nurse that indicates a shortage of nurses.

Reviewing the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Nursing Statistics spreadsheet allows specific deductions to be made based on the collected data for a month period.

Free Essay: Patton-Fuller Ratio Computation July 8, HCS/ Regina Robinson The Eight Basic Ratios 1. Current Ratio (Unaudited) Current Assets. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Ratio Computation and This paper will show the ratio computations to Patton-Fuller Community Hospital.

From these computations, taken from the Unaudited and Audited Reports from andTeam E will address significant changes, if any occurred, and.

Patton-Fuller Ratio Computation Essay Sample

Patton Fuller Essay Words | 4 Pages. Patton-fuller community hospital case study Abstract Finance, understanding how it affects the smallest business to the largest organization, is the origin to financial success in businesses.

Patton fuller ratio
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