Physics cantilever lab

From the results that I got after performing the experiment, I can say that the experiment worked quite well. We can see that there is a linear relationship between flexion and the load mass.

Physics Cantilever Lab

Also, we can see from the second graph that the larger the length of the cantilever, the large the flexion is. I think the data I obtained was accurate since I did indeed try to graph these relationships.

The forces between particles increase. On this basis, I can say that the experiment worked out pretty well.

Unsymmetrical Bending of a Cantilever - Lab Report Example

A possible improvement to this experiment should be repeating the experiment twice or more if possible. The particles at the bottom will be pushed together proportionately to the load because they are in compression.

Conclusion and Evaluation Conclusion: But this time, it reaches a point 20cm, 10cm, 0cm where the deflection stays the same even if the cantilever length changes. The general conclusion we can draw from this experiment is that as the mass that we put on the cantilever increases, the deflection increases too until the elastic point is reached where the cantilever cannot hold any more masses so it breaks.

As the load doubles from g to g, the deflection almost doubles too. As the load increases, the flexion increases as well. At the top of the cantilever, particles are pulled apart proportionately to the load because they are in tension.

The forces get larger and the repelling force which is bigger pushes the particles away from each other. Then I would get the average results in a table and in this way, my results would be even more accurate.

Below are two tables in which I have recorded the data which I obtained during the experiment. So they are not disordered. In the analyzing evidence section, I can draw the conclusion that the first table reflects a linear straight line graph and the second table reflects a curved graph.

However, the attractive force is bigger than the repelling force in the particles so therefore, the particles are held together. This happens because of forces acting on the particles in the cantilever.

Order now Data Collection and Processing My experiment is divided into two parts; experiment A involving the relationship between flexion and the mass of the load and experiment B involving the relationship between the flexion and the length of the cantilever.Cantilever Physics Lab - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Physics Lab report Cantilever beam. Independent Assessment Physics Lab (SL): Cantilever Flexion Cherno Okafor Mr. Ebrahimi SPH4U7 October 21st, Introduction Purpose: The purpose of this Physics Lab is to investigate what factors determine the amount of flexion of the cantilever.

More about physic planning and design lab Essay. Essay physics lab ohms law Words | 4. Physics Investigation: The Cantilever During the experiment all the safety precautions were considered. All the results are spread over a wide range so a conclusion can be easily.

Jul 27,  · 1. Hey! i have done a physics lab on cantilevers, and what i did 1. Hey! i have done a physics lab on cantilevers, and what i did was i varied the length of the leaver while keeping the force applied constant and measured the displacement down of the leaver.

S.H.M. with a cantilever

However, i. IB Physics Lab (Optional): Cantilevers A cantilever is a stick, bar, or beam anchored at one end that stretches out some distance from the support. Cantilever Lab IB Physics IA - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

An example for the correct format of an IB Physics IA testing the properties of a cantilever.5/5(1).

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Physics cantilever lab
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