Right to spy on citizens is

Dhruv has been forthright and has been able to hit the nail. Absolutely every country is accountable and responsible towards their citizens. To become aware of the risk that derives from the fact that all our data is safed on some few serves of big internet companies just imagine the following case: Last week, however, the Department of Justice revealed that since the s, the Drug Enforcement Administration, whose job is to interdict controlled dangerous substances before they enter our borders and to do so consistent with the Constitution, has been monitoring the phone calls of selected Americans.

Saurav Raj Pant Ivan Bielik, Moderator of debate Defend the motion Dhruv Singhal, student of Mechanical Engineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology In light of recent developments and revelation of widespread internet surveillance I present the following arguments to defend the motion.

Warren and Brandeis wrote that privacy is the "right to be let alone", and focused on protecting individuals. They want to to control us and get rid of the ones that does not agree with their personal agenda.

How does the government get away with this? Privacy laws in different countries[ edit ] Main article: Obama wanted a one world nation It is nothing but an act of perversion by the US Govt.

And combating against this should be the preliminary priority of any governments of the world. However, the United States is still far behind that of European Union countries in protecting privacy online.

The constitution and a government that adheres to it. Flaherty forwards an idea of privacy as information control, "[i]ndividuals want to be left alone and to exercise some control over how information about them is used". Digitally promising power blocs are noticeably spy on lesser potential country.

But most of you will. Marshals Service, possess a new handheld radar device that sends sound waves through walls and receives back images on a screen of persons on the other side of the walls.

Definitions[ edit ] In recent years there has been only few attempts to clearly and precisely define the "right to privacy". This distinction is encoded in most legal traditions as an element of freedom of speech.

But it is only the deep connection between people that can guarantee peace between the people in the long run.The right to privacy is an element of various legal traditions to restrain governmental and private actions that threaten the privacy of individuals.

Over national constitutions mention the right to privacy. Since the global surveillance disclosures ofinitiated by ex-NSA employee Edward Snowden, the inalienable human right to privacy has been.

Should the government be able to spy on its citizens? Add a New Topic; Report This Topic; Should the government be able to spy on its citizens?

Right to privacy

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The U.S. Has No Right to Spy on Masses of Regular People in Other Countries. the U.S. government has publicly sought to expand its power and control over the electronic privacy of its citizens.

NSA Spying Since this was first reported on by the press and discovered by the public in lateEFF has been at the forefront of the effort to stop it and bring government surveillance programs back within the law and the Constitution.

The government has no right to spy on its citizens because citizens have a right to privacy. This is true because such a right is guaranteed by the constitution- which follows from the fact that our founding fathers recognized the sanctity of individual privacy against the intrusive power of the government, and of course this is true because.

Should governments spy on their citizens? A public abuse is inherently our right to know about.

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What happens outside of the public space, is also our right to keep private. Report Post. Like Reply.

High tech government spying vs. your Constitutional right to privacy

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Right to spy on citizens is
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