Sample microfinance business plan pdf

Sales and Marketing strategy We all at Vanguard lenders LLC are very much aware of the threats and strict competition in the micro lending and mortgage business, and we have devised our strategic means to win and suppose them.

By having a conservative budget, you can advert a financial crisis and steer away from liquidity issues. Outlined below is the list of businesses and organizations that we have categorically designed our products and services for; Small businesses Individuals and interested home owners Real Estate companies and investors Nongovernmental organizations House of worships and other religious organizations Educational institutions Corporate companies Our Competitive Advantage We at Vanguard lenders LLC understands explicitly the level of competitive in the microloan service industry, and due to our extensive research and planning, we should be able to penetrate the market and offer our prospective clients with easy to access microloans; thereby deleting the hard and long process needed to obtain loans from the bank and other financial institutions.

There are several distinguishing aspects of each microfinancing business that would distinguish it relative to others in the market. Consumers are placing a decreasing amount of credibility on advertisements and increasing credibility on information acquired from the media. Strategic Partnerships The most effective method of quickly gaining traction in the market is through the formation of strategic partnerships.

However, it may be challenging to find an untapped area of the microfinancing market and justify that it is a sustainable business model. Vanguard lenders LLC are also positioned in a city with more family values and acknowledgement for each other, which will serve as a force to move our business to its destination.

This may include hiring the best hands for the job and also creating a more attack minded marketing plan.

Business Planning for Microfinance Institutions

This is a fact that will push us ahead of competitors in the lending industry. The qualifications of the management are important because at an early stage, all that the company is worth can be determined by what the combined effort of the management team may be capable of accomplishing.

Microfinance Business Plan Business Plan Articles If you are starting a microfinance company, it is likely that you will require a business plan at some point.

A Sample Micro Lending Business Plan Template

Weakness Brick Lewis Financial consults believe our weakness would be how easy we break into the market and gain acceptance since we are just a new firm, especially from corporate clients in the already saturated micro lending and mortgage industry; that is perhaps our major weakness.

We believe our business is equipped with a breath taking business concept that will help us work with individuals, small businesses and bigger corporations in Alexandria, Virginia and all other cities in the United States.

Although CGAP has made every attempt to produce high-quality course materials, ultimately it is the technical skills, training experience and preparation of the trainers that guarantee the quality of the course itself and the successful transfer of skills and knowledge to course participants.

So, to mitigate sample microfinance business plan pdf threats, we have induced the use of credit scoring software like and we hope and are well prepared to use else any of these threats to our own advantage.

Our Target Market The lending industry is an industry that has without doubt aided a lot of individuals, companies and start ups. CGAP works with the financial industry, governments and investors to expand access to financial services for poor people around the world.

It was also envisaged that we should beware of huge losses in three situations: Microfinance Business Plan There are several things to consider if you are starting a microfinance company that will influence the potential for success that investors and banks will use to review your company and analyze its potential.

The latest update of these materials was done in to include dimensions of client protection and social performance management. Working with construction firms, real estate agencies, and vendors to offer financing for their customers is one approach. The experts at Pro Business Plans has extensive experience working with microfinance companies to prepare plans for investment and strategy.

Right from the primary foundation of the business, who are the owners, up to the very height of our employees are core professionals, well trained and highly qualified microloan consultants in the United States.

Management Team The management team is one of the core aspects of the plan because it requires that the team have a very high level of expertise, yet also be versatile and wholly focused on growing the company.

A well-structured management team will consist of a leader responsible for bringing together the business model, ideally someone with a background in finance and lending, and a business development person capable of sourcing plenty of microfinance deals.

Not only may the company establish a strong brand in the market, but it may also build a reputation that it may nurture as it scales in the market. For instance, some microfinance companies apply the peer-to-peer lending model, whereas others acquire their own lines of credit, or get funding from institutional investors.

The micro lending and mortgage industry flows with a low level of capital intensity. Sources of Income A vanguard lender LLC was founded to become the lead player in the micro lending and mortgage loan field. The information below provides a breakdown to further illustrate these points.

Microfinance Gateway - CGAP

Security guard The security guard is responsible for protecting the firm and its environs Also controls traffic and organize parking He is Tasked with giving security tips when necessary Should also Patrol around the building on a 24 hours basis Will be expected to give security reports weekly Micro Lending Business Plan — SWOT Analysis We at Vanguard lenders LLC are prepared to build a super— structured microloan services firm that can take over the entire microloan service industry.

The revenue forecasts should be conservative yet optimistic, as investors will recognize those that sample microfinance business plan pdf overly aggressive and based on unfounded assumptions. Chief Executive Officer The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for providing work direction for the business He will be responsible for building, communicating, and implementing the vision, mission, and direction of Vanguard lenders LLC — which also includes leading the achievement and implementation of all strategies.

However, it is also a good idea to overestimate the budget in order to avoid having liquidity issues. The revenue projections are based on a large number of assumptions based upon an analysis of growth at similar companies to help investors better understand the potential profitability and identify risks that the company may face in the future.

Vanguard lenders LLC target market will slice across businesses of different sizes and individuals. Makes sure of the operation of equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements; calling for repairs.

Vanguard lenders LLC might be a new micro lending and mortgage business in the United States of America lending industry, but it cannot be denied that the workforce and owners of Vanguard lenders LLC are considered micro lending and mortgage industry gods. A lot of people depend on the services provided by the industry to empower themselves and businesses, showing how important and helpful this industry has been and will still remain.

So also, the microloan service industry has benefited from the advancement of online platforms. The second approach is investment generation, as money may be generated from both private and institutional investors, and potentially unaccredited investors if the company is structured properly.

Please note that CGAP recognizes only those partners and trainers that went through its certification process as CGAP training partners from to The business plan should contain an executive summary that should be restricted to two pages. It should also contain necessary information about: Microfinance industry, the institution and its products.

Business Planning and Financial Forecasting: A Guide for Business Start-Up. The Business Plan Introduction You want to start a business – or expand your existing business. You have a great To see a sample plan, go to: Planning Outline Introduction. Are you about starting a micro lending business?

If YES, here is a complete sample micro lending business plan template & feasibility report you can use FREE. The existent business plan provides a rational framework for the microfinance part of EEA.

The Company was founded by Dr. Jasson Kalugendo and Jerry Twombly who, along with Dirk Sander, are actively managing the company.5/5(3).

be considering while preparing their business plan, including: • How to clearly state an institution’s mission and goals • Identifying the institution’s markets and clients microfinance institution is to serve client needs, it is also necessary for managers in an.

The “Business Planning for Microfinance Institutions” course was originally entitled “Business Planning with Microfin” and is one of the four courses in the Operational Management Curriculum.

Sample microfinance business plan pdf
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