Some people believe there is only

Today, in contrast to Gosse, young Earth creationists posit that not only is the Earth young but that the scientific data supports that view.

Scientific refutation[ edit ] The vast majority of scientists refute young Earth creationism. Most people believe in God, even Satan does. Rather, it teaches that no one deserves to go to heaven, because we have all done wrong during our lives Rom 3: He added that humans and dinosaurs had lived together, quoting Clifford L.

Two people can listen to the same story and come away with very different meanings. Not only were Hophni and Phinehas killed in the battle, but the ark was taken by the Philistines, who placed it in the temple they had built for their pagan god, Dagon, in the city of Ashdod.

Jesus told Peter to put away his sword. Clearly, our standards of right and wrong are in conflict. For Christians, this means believing in Jesus Christ and living according to his teachings in the Gospels.

After all, He created Satan, the Adversary. Adhering church bodies[ edit ]. What about all those who have never heard of Jesus Christ?

Young Earth creationism

One view says that there are no absolutes that define reality. God is eternally the same. Other Muslims may label them as extremists, but they did not consider themselves to be extreme.

Differences in religious beliefs have fueled arguments between family and friends and on many occasions have led to war.

If people of all religions can be saved, why do we need Jesus Christ? The writer above gives two major illustrations about the perceived differences in religions. The Bible describes the role of the human conscience in Romans 2: Laurence Kulpa geologist and in fellowship with the Plymouth Brethrenand other scientists, [46] Ramm influenced Christian organizations such as the American Scientific Affiliation ASA in not supporting flood geology.

If there are no absolutes, no reality, chaos ensues. Then they hire someone else to do it for them, such as the military, the CIA, the doctor, etc. History[ edit ] Biblical dates for creation[ edit ] The first major comprehensive draft of Genesis was composed by the Yahwist in the late 7th or the 6th century BC, during the Babylonian captivitywith later additions made by the priestly source in the post-exilic period.

All the religions of the world attempt to give meaning and definition to life. Religious Landscape Survey, released in February, highlighted how often Americans switch religious affiliation.

It is common for people think their religion is the right one. In fact, the very laws of science are founded on the existence of absolute truth. Creationists responding to this point attribute the view to misunderstanding having arisen from poor translation of the tenses in Genesis 2 in contemporary translations of the Bible e.

However, there are different approaches to how this is possible given the geological evidence for much longer timescales. Because Jesus IS God! There is no other way.

10 facts about atheists

For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all men. Jesus restored sight to the blind Matt.In my own tradition there is a phrase covering it: “The Universal Church”–which includes all people everywhere who believe in God in some form, and who live lives of love and service toward their fellow human beings.

Is There More Than One Way to God? by John Hendryx. Do these 16 million people believe Jews can go to heaven? MOHLER: Southern Baptists, with other Christians, believe that all persons can go to heaven who come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is only One who is good,” He is driving the point home right away that no one. There was only one entrance to the castle, though there were many roads that led to it from all directions.

Some people believe that all religions are the same based on assumptions and generalizations without any knowledge of what different religions believe or deny. and Christians believe that the ONLY way to God is “through”.

In my opinion, I think that some people believe in only one true love because it's so difficult to find that one person that is right for them.

Once that someone is finally found, people try to quickly cling on to them, as if the person were tryin. There seems to be one common thread for all of these diverse groups of people; however, where some may believe that life on other planets consists of little green men and others believe that life on other planets consists of human like beings, the common thread for each of these groups is the presence of intelligent life forms on a planet.

Jun 24,  · "Some people are like butterflies that go from flower to flower, going from religion to religion — and frankly they don't get that deep into any of them," he said. Beliefs about eternal life.

Some people believe there is only
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