The ambitious guest conclusion

Just before it reached the house, the stream broke into two branches - shivered not a window there, but overwhelmed the whole vicinity, blocked up the road, and annihilated everything in its dreadful course.

Hark to the children! Young and old exchanged one wild glance, and remained an instant, pale, affrighted, without utterance, or power to move. The oldest girl opened the door and found a young man standing in the dark. But the family were glad again when they perceived that the latch was lifted by some traveller, whose footsteps had been unheard amid the dreary blast which heralded his approach, and wailed as he was entering, and went The ambitious guest conclusion away from the door.

The Ambitious Guest Summary

No other family lived near them on the mountain. I am quite benumbed; for the Notch is just like the pipe of a great pair of bellows; it has blown a terrible blast in my face all the way from Bartlett. For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

On that December evening, the wind came rushing down the mountain. They end up talking about headstones and memorials, and whether these have any value. And thus it should have been.

Others denied that there were sufficient grounds for such a conjecture. The noise of stones tumbling down the mountain has often startled the family at midnight. However, this happens to be the worst place to stand to take shelter. But when I saw the light in your window, I decided to stop.

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They seek refuge outside the cabin. This family had found happiness in the worst place in all of New England. The younger children had been put to bed in another room, but with an open door between, so that they could be heard talking busily among themselves.

The oldest daughter gave him a warm, shy smile.

The Ambitious Guest

Nathaniel Hawthorne in His Times. The young man stared into the fire. He therefore did not hurry to the door; and the lash being soon applied, the travellers plunged into the Notch, still singing and laughing, though their music and mirth came back drearily from the heart of the mountain.

He must have been afraid we would forget him. For you will be repaid at the resurrection of the just. Some people thought that a stranger had been with the family on that terrible night.

Perhaps a germ of love was springing in their hearts, so pure that it might blossom in Paradise, since it could not be matured on earth; for women worship such gentle dignity as his; and the proud, contemplative, yet kindly soul is oftenest captivated by simplicity like hers.

One glance and smile placed the stranger on a footing of innocent familiarity with the eldest daughter. If you liked this story, please share it with others: But he did know that he did not want to be forgotten after he had died.

Your narrator was Harry Monroe. They all run outside towards the safe place but all the family members including the young traveler meet their demise. Where did he go? His name and person utterly unknown; his history, his way of life, his plans, a mystery never to be solved, his death and his existence equally a doubt!

Ultimately, the young man loses all hope of immortality. But they are all caught up in the rock slide and killed, while the house is completely undamaged. For you love the best seat in the synagogues and greetings in the marketplaces.

Composition and publication history[ edit ] The basis of the story is the Willey tragedy of Crawford NotchNew Hampshire. I would have been respected by all our neighbors.As the father spoke, the mother prepared a hot meal for their guest. While he ate, he talked freely to the family, as if it were his own.

This young man did not trust people easily. Yet on this evening, something made him share his deepest secret with these simple mountain people. The young man's secret was that he was ambitious. The secret of the young man's character was a high and abstracted ambition.

He could have borne to live an undistinguished life, but not to be forgotten in the grave. Summary by Nathaniel Hawthorne-This setting does play a key role in the story because the setting causes the climax in the story.-September night. -A family is gathered around their fireplace.-A traveler comes through the door.-This situation is not unusual for.

"The Ambitious Guest Short Story Analysis" Essays and Research Papers The Ambitious Guest Short Story Analysis Short Story /Film Analysis Aric McDonald Short Story / Short Film Comm.

Short Story: 'The Ambitious Guest' by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Spring The three short stories are similar because they all involve jealousy. The Ambitious guest is a story about a young traveler who stops for the night and spends some time with a family that lived next to a mountain. As he gets talking with the family, he expresses his wishes to leave a mark on the world before he dies.

The Parable of The Ambitious Guest (or The Ambitious Guest), Analysis & Summary Of The Ambitious Guest, Meaning Of The Parable of the Ambitious Guest.

Explanation, Scriptures and Bible Verse Sources Of the parable are discussed, along with Moral Lesson.

The ambitious guest conclusion
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