The brazilian healthcare system essay

While the American system counts with advanced technologies and modern units working in a capitalist perspective, the Brazilian one works in a social perspective seeking a fortification of SUS and consequently a universal coverage for all inhabitants, independently of age, medical problem or social position.

The reform in the health sector newly approved by the American Supreme Court has sought out to reduce costs and diminish the inequalities in health.

So we can conclude that the problem in health is not only the amount of money, but how to use this resource. Human resources[ edit ] Inthe country had somephysicians, dentists77, nurses26, dietitians and 56, veterinarians.

Another option in Brazil is to use coverage from back home. And this was the calm after the storm. Disclaimer Flawed but fair: The expenses from SUS are financed through tax revenues and social contributions from the federal, state, and city budgets 7. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Few people are able to afford the premiums unless they are from a wealthy class. The cost can vary, according to the provider, coverage, and region.

In the United States, the obesity rate among adults was A is a country essentially capitalist.

Healthcare in Brazil

Much has changed since then. Instead, they take advantage of the state provided healthcare that was only provided starting back in What has led the multinational companies to lead the pharmacy area with seventy percent of their share, while other foreign companies try to expand the use of generic drugs.

Public system Medicare Medicare is a federal program that covers especially elderly 65 and over. Staff protested over late payments and for better working conditions on Friday, January Getulio Vargas Hospital was among the worst affected and over a weekend, staff resorted to putting up wooden boarding to prevent anyone from entering.

Comparing the health care systems Structurally, both Brazilian and American health care systems are similar having a private system consigning for those that can pay their medical, exams and drugs expenses and a public system for those that do not have capacity to pay.

So we can conclude that the problem is not the amount of money, but how to use it. Yet in the short term, the spectre of the Rio Olympic Games is looming. Even those enrolled in public insurances generally have to obtain supplemental insurance, because of the incomplete coverage provided by the public programs 5, The essential objectives for the health sector were improvement of the overall health situation, with emphasis on reduction of child mortalityand political-institutional reorganization of the sector, with a view to enhancing the operative capacity of the SUS.

Of that total, public spending accounted for As such, the public hospital infrastructure relies on a vast network of small hospitals. Vieira Esteves says the major challenges are to convince people that the system can work to their benefit and to persuade the authorities to devote more money to primary health care.The Brazilian healthcare system, Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS), was created to provide the entire Brazilian population with equal opportunity for access to health services as a.

Can Learn From Brazil's Healthcare Mess. that makes it easier to avoid the waste and corruption that plague Brazil’s healthcare system. (When the Brazilian government solicited contractors.

Flawed but fair: Brazil’s health system reaches out to the poor Despite its many problems, Brazil’s revamped public health system has brought quality health care to millions of poorer inhabitants who were previously denied even basic care.

Health Care in Brazil Essay Sample. when they discuss the Brazilian Healthcare Industry. Due to the poorly distribution of hospitals in the country of Brazil, certain areas of the population have many hospitals in their local areas, where in other areas, the hospital.

The hallmark of the Brazilian National Health System (SUS)

A comparison between the Brazilian and the American Health Care System. Danilo Cangussu Mendes, Marcos Vinícius Macedo de Oliveira, João Marcus Oliveira Andrade, Alanna Fernandes Paraíso, Maria Fernanda Oliveira Maia Amorim, Deborah de Farias Lelis y Lucas Henrique Lopes Mendes de Figueiredo.

The public healthcare system in Brazil is currently extremely underfunded. You are not able to get adequate care in many of the facilities and people are not being given every single procedure that they need done to themselves. People are quickly becoming angry over the issue and have told their lawmakers that they want even more reforms.

The brazilian healthcare system essay
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