The life and works of ella jo baker

Though the MFDP delegates unsuccessfully challenged the official Democratic delegation their influence helped elect more black candidates in the south in the years to come.

Baker was hired as the first staff person for the new organization.

Ella Baker

An outspoken woman, she had a strong belief in egalitarian ideals. Her political legacy forever linked criticisms of racism and gender-based discrimination to criticisms of capitalism and social imperialism.

Black Scholar describes her early years as somewhat protected and privileged. She The life and works of ella jo baker top officials to deliver lectures, offer welcoming remarks, and conduct workshops.

During this time, she lived with and married her college sweetheart, T.

Ella Jo Baker Intentional Community Cooperative, Inc.

She combined liberation rhetoric with direct activism, and developed strong internal structures that made organizational growth and progress possible. She slept in their homes, ate at their tables, spoke in their churches, and earned their trust. It was relatively open to women.

The kind of role that I tried to play was to pick up pieces or put together pieces out of which I hoped organization might come. Her grandmother, a former slave who had been whipped because she refused to marry the man selected by her owner, relayed stories of slave revolts that greatly impressed the child.

During the s, Baker participated in a speaking tour and co-hosted several meetings on the importance of linking civil rights and civil liberties. According to her biographer Barbara Ransby, Baker believed that black power was a relief from the "stale and unmoving demands and language of the more mainstream civil rights groups at the time.

Baker was hired as a secretary in December The MFDP succeeded in forcing a party rule change allowing minorities and women to sit as delegates at the Democratic National Convention in InBaker started working with the NAACP as a field secretary and from as director of branches criss-crossing the south and establishing a vast network of contacts.

Although her gender may have kept her from a more visible role, she remained a steadfast proponent of grass roots empowerment and social change. It was a new formulation, bringing to the traditional appeal of democracy an innovative tie to broader participation.

Baker wanted to bring the sit-in participants together in a way that would sustain the momentum of their actions, teach them the skills necessary, provide the resources that were needed, and also help them to coalesce into a more militant and democratic force.

Martin Luther KingJr. An appeal for grass roots involvement of people throughout society, while making their own decisions The minimization of bureaucratic hierarchy and the associated emphasis on expertise and professionalism as a basis for leadership A call for direct action as an answer to fear, isolation, and intellectual detachment [26] Ella Baker said: Baker also became engaged with a number of other important initiatives during the mids and s.

In she was one of the organizers of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, which was an alternative to the all-white Democratic Party of Mississippi and went with a delegation to the party convention in There were three primary emphases to this new movement: She did not believe that the program should be so channeled through White, the executive secretary, and the national office and not the people out in the field.

She pushed the organization to decentralize its leadership structure and to aid its membership in more activist campaigns at the local level. Davis was acquitted after representing herself in court. They divorced in Baker saw the potential for a special type of leadership by the young sit-in leaders, who were not yet prominent in the movement.

While traveling throughout the South on behalf of the NAACP, Baker met hundreds of black people, establishing lasting relationships with them. Her first job was as a waitress. Ella Baker was born inin Norfolk, Virginia and when she was age 9 her family moved to rural North Carolina.

Baker also supported the Puerto Rican independence movement, and spoke out against apartheid in South Africa. She worked well into her 70s with numerous political organizations to further social and racial justice. Returning to New York that year, Baker lent her efforts to the campaign to release the imprisoned black radical Angela Davis.

Wages ranged from 15 to 30 cents an hour. With 15 million Americans without jobs and savings, the Depression intensified the poverty conditions tying African Americans to domestic service.

She ultimately became the branch president inbut stepped down in favor of an unsuccessful campaign for New York City Council in In she unsuccessfully ran for city council for the Liberal Party.Ella Baker Aug 12th, | By BHS | Category: Activism Ella Josephine Baker worked with the leading civil rights activists of her time, and played a critical part in forming the organizational basis for the movement.

Ella Baker life and biography

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Get started now! Born on December 13,in Norfolk, Va., Ella Jo Baker grew up listening to stories about her grandmother's experiences as a former slave. Baker's grandmother vividly described how slaves rebelled against their owners. These stories laid the foundation for Baker's desire to be a social activist.

The Grassroots Political Philosophy of Ella Baker: Oakland, California Applicability by K. Tutashinda, D.C. Ella Baker’s main focus was the mobilization, organization and empowerment of the organizing people as way of life.

Ella Baker’s work, whether it was teaching consumer classes. Ella Baker's Early Life. Ella Jo Baker was born on December 13,in Norfolk, Virginia.

Growing up in North Carolina, she developed a sense for social justice early on, due in part to her grandmother's stories about life under slavery. As a slave, her grandmother had been whipped for refusing to marry a man chosen for her by the slave owner.

Ella Baker is credited as activist, Young Negroes Cooperative League (YNCL), Black Women in America. American activist Ella Baker was the consummate organizer and unsung brains behind many of the most effective African American civil rights and political.

The life and works of ella jo baker
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