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Our Schedule Sunday Morning: The church was constructed in And why is that so powerful? The Riverside church welcomes people from all religion, communities, and diversities. Similar activities are also organized for the young adults by the church. So when I sat in the sanctuary of Westminster Presbyterian on this past Sunday and received communion, I did so with a heart full of gratitude that we—whatever differences we may have—came to the Table of our Lord as ONE.

He was fruitful, for sure; and he used anything and everything he could to teach us to do the same. Churches rent space from one another all the time. Our church in Riverside is a place where all people are welcomed, all people are encouraged, and all people are inspired to live out of their true selves.

Riverside Baptist, I salute you!

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But when it came time to make an arrangement where we, Riverside, would worship next after our interim experience at Jefferson Academy Middle School and I approached Pastor Ruth of Westminster, we made a decision to share worship together.

Comfort food combined with intellectual rigor make for a dynamic and transformative conversation. When people understand how much they are loved, lives change! We meet weekly to seek, worship, and honor God through prayer, music, ancient readings, and preaching.

Since no leading celebrity or leader in either traditions has arrived to pat us on the back for this ecumenical experiment, I want to commend these two congregations and their pastors for the courage it took. And they are divided not only along cultural, racial and ethnic lines but their pastors and priests will not offer communion to those who are outside their flock or fold.

To say we have no need of one another, Kinnamon reminds us, is a sinful denial of this unity that was achieved for us by the costly grace of Jesus Christ. Westminster Presbyterian, I salute you! Whether you come on a Sunday morning or a Wednesday night, we look forward to seeing you!

Mind you—we must mind this—our unity is not our accomplishment. Those who are weary of business as usual, with divisive and provincial notions of church and worship, we invite you to join us on Sunday. All are welcomed and all will be treated with dignity and respect. Amy Butler The church has been serving the people for almost 90 years and has been one of the most influential of all.

We do this through weekly worship gatherings; spiritual education; artistic expression; and serving the poor here in Riverside. Leave a comment Search for: Here is all you should know about the Riverside Church in Manhattan. The church is situated overlooking the Hudson River and is feet wide.

This is a powerful experience. And we have been worshipping for a few months now as though we actually believe in those radiant words found in the Letter to the Ephesians chapter four: What Westminster and Riverside have done up to this point is simply to believe in that unity and live up to it and through it.

There are various paintings put up on the walls of the church that add to its beauty. All the people who visit the church are loved, protected and cared for.

Riverside Church

We may as well have erected barbed wire fences between our various communions. Sermon Excerpt Jesus Christ lived a life of compassion and sacrificial giving for the poor; he lived a life of wholeness and healing for the dis-eased; and he lived a life of justice for those were on the short end of the stick.

We believe that everyone is made in the image of God, who is revealed to us most expressively through the loving-kindness of Jesus Christ.

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Mind you, not the courage to share a building because that is nothing new or brave. So, our mission is to tell our community how valuable and dear they really are.

Do not let this slip past your gaze. It was designed by the Allen, Pelton and Collins firm and the inspiration to build this church has been taken from Spain and France.Riverside Church, New York City: See reviews, articles, and photos of Riverside Church, ranked No on TripAdvisor among 1, attractions in.

Thank you for visiting We’re so glad you’re interested in our church. We’ve put some resources on our site to help you get to know us and plan your visit.

Use the navigation across the top for useful information about us. The Riverside Church app is available for iOS and Android devices. This is an excellent tool where. Welcome to Riverside Community Church's WEB page. We encourage you to come and visit us Sunday Mornings at 10am at Hilliard Street, Peterborough.

No matter where you come from or what your background is, Riverside wants to welcome you into a casual, friendly environment where you can hear the message of God's grace in a way that you can understand.

Riverside Church is a vibrant group of believers who meet in Somerset Wisconsin.

Riverside Community Church

Easily located off of hwy we can be called Riverside Church in De Pere, Riverside Church in Allouez and Riverside Church in Green Bay. We love to see you, so feel free to visit. Riverside Church.

Riverside Dr, Green Bay, Wisconsin Worship Services. Meeting at Green Bay and De Pere campuses. Drop us a line!

Visit to riverside church
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