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Wrong as Du Bois was about Stalinism and Western imperialism and racism essay his predictions of the predictable victory of socialism in the twentieth century, his persistence on connecting cultural analyses to their economic consequences as well ought to be heard by contemporary cultural critics.

They greatly resented abandoning their age-old traditions, and strongly resisted the western powers. Many men became migrant workers, which left the women at home to do the planting and support the children.

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Goods were produced cheaper and gave a wider assortment, which wiped out Indian neighbors, who made hand Western imperialism and racism essay cloth.

Hurston understood the ongoing racism Western imperialism and racism essay sexism in the United States as forms of colonial domination, which needed strategies of resistance that at times, complement more open anti-colonial and post-colonial struggles around the world.

Capitalists helped boost the economy by investing vast sums in railroad building. Westerners created the basis for modern banking systems. As well Hurston does not romanticize modern or historical Africa, although she argues constantly for the recognition of how African cultural influences have contributed considerably to the artistic, intellectual, as well as social achievements of African-Americans.

During the age of Imperialism a truly global economy emerged. From China to Chile, leaders and business people benefited. In Africa and Asia, educated elites were organizing nationalist movements to end colonial rule.

At the same time, competition for empire was creating increased fervor between the western powers. New technology was also established including communication and transportation networks. Western cultures felt a bit of cultural diffusion as well.

They introduced medical breakthroughs, which saved many lives. Hurston condemns all the tyrannies she witnesses, and she therefore estranges herself from U. Their confidence sagged in their own cultures due to the success of the imperialist nations.

For the reason that Du Bois understood race and class to be the critically related fictions by which modern nations justified the unfair distribution of wealth and consequently power, he viewed with special lucidity the extent to which cultural work was indispensable to colonial hierarchies both at home and abroad.

In a similar manner, Hurston refuses to romanticize colonized peoples as solely victimized by their conquerors; she goes to substantial lengths to illustrate how the process of decolonization, in Haiti, for instance, has too often brought tyrants to power who have rationalized their injustices on grounds of national sovereignty plus strident anti-colonialism.

It is the premeditated forgetting of this history of tangled fates and therefore of cultural realities that Hurston condemns in the official histories of the United States and that we ought to class as an imperative aspect of U.

Often, colonial rule amalgamated rival people under a single government causing disgruntlement. Missionaries who built schools and hospitals helped spread western ethnicity.

They taught the people literacy and trained young men for jobs. Many countries, for example, used export profits to develop industry and buy innovative farm equipment to endorse growth.

On the one hand, Hurston alleged that Euro-American culture, society, and psychology had much to learn from African-American forms of knowledge and experience; in her utopian moments, she imagines white America transformed and redeemed by such knowledge.

Traditional economies were disrupted by mass production. As westerners conquered other lands, they pressured their people to accept new modern ways. Harper-Collins,p. Western capitalists urbanized mines and plantations, which were reliant on local labor.

As Du Bois grew older and angrier regarding the unrecognized involvement of the United States in colonial ventures around the world, particularly in Africa, Latin America, and at home, he authorized an increasingly rigid economic thesis that is both rudely Marxist and inquisitively blind to the enthusiastic imperialism of the Stalinism he espoused.

Inand again inimperialist ambitions would contribute to the outbreak of two shattering world wars. In finale, imperialism has impacted both the western and nonwestern areas in pessimistic and affirmative ways. There was great cultural diffusion in the nonwestern countries.

Missionaries also spread their faith around the world, and Christianity became prevalent. The only way subjects could earn money was through labor, such as: Never did she puzzle the realism of social stratifications by race, class, and gender with her ideals for democratic social, legal, as well as human practices.

They consumed bananas from Honduras, and pineapples from Hawaii. For this very reason, Du Bois as well understood the power of culture to combat imperialism by challenging such hierarchies and building influential coalitions of the oppressed to resist domination.

By this, they intended to impose western ideas, government, and culture. Du Bois, Hurston does not constantly and rigidly condemn U.The Impact Of Western Imperialism History Essay.

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, The impact of western imperialism on the process of state formation is multifold and rests on the specific understanding of a stat and whether the Western construct can realistically be applied to the Middle East.

For example, despite. Free Essay: Western Imperialism Beginning inthere was a growing desire for European countries to expand and control their rule.

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The only continent at. [tags: Western Imperialism Essays] Strong Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. Spread of European Imperialism in Africa - The 18th and 19th centuries were known as the height of Imperialism.

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but also a multi-faceted global rivalry with roots of philosophies tainted with racism and Social Darwinism. The technique of each.

Essay: Impacts of Imperialism Imperialism had a big impact on both the Western and Non-western countries. During the age of Imperialism a truly global economy emerged.

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Alex Benson Dr. Yixin Chen HST 5 February Impact of Western Imperialism on the African Community Western imperialism, though it has its good qualities, essentially led to the breakdown and ending of the African community.


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