Why christian leave the faith essay

For more on the specific reasons that I have for not being a Christian you can check out my blog at consciencebound. Out of discouragement they abandoned Christianity, sure its claims were exaggerated or just plain false.

Whether you want to call it apostasy or backsliding is irrelevant. Children can learn that they, like their parents, need a place to belong, a place where they can both serve and be served.

Why else should all these people leave, contrary to their world-view, culture, professions, and heavy investment in Christianity? The more I looked at it from that perspective, the more I saw that there was no more reason to believe Christianity then there was to believe that Mohamed was a prophet of God.

Though they tried and perhaps even tried honestly and sincerely, they were not able to find the peace, joy, or meaning the Christian faith claims to offer them. Faith is the only power that inspires a human being in despair. Without faith, motivation for the achievement of goal is completely lost and the person ends up becoming a failure in his life.

There are many reasons why people leave Christianity, but the most common reason for a very serious Christian to leave is through research. One of them in particular kept pushing me on some basic questions about knowing whether the Bible was true or not and some of their questions just stuck in the back of my head.

From our research and testimonies it is apparent that Christianity is not what we once thought it was.

A solution to this problem is to engage the difficult questions with our children and to show that Christianity offers a cohesive and compelling worldview that accounts for science, suffering, sexuality, and whatever else we find pressing or perplexing.

I taught small group Bible studies, new believers classes at a larger church, preached in pulpits from time to time, and taught at various random times in different settings. It is highly revealing to listen to those who have had experience into and out of Christianity and are in a position to know and authoritatively evaluate and relate their actual experiences.

I always worked with people who were not Christians and I loved to talk to people about my faith and try to persuade them that they should consider Christ.

The canned answers she received is all she knows, and they are proving inadequate. The desire to be moral because we can truly empathise with others in their messy humanity.

They had never personally put their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation.

They had to deal with the contradictions in their faith and show that there as good historical reasons to believe it. These children were given every opportunity to put their faith in Jesus but determined instead to turn their backs on him.

Nobody I have heard of chooses whilst they are a believing Christian to leave Christianity, neither do they think that they a "real Christian" would ever deconvert.

I lived every day as if God was with me the whole day. I had to face them head on.

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It is always better to believe things that are true. But what if the history and philosophical and moral implications of the various branches of Christianity are very different from that which is traditionally taught?

A solution here is to be vulnerable with our children, and to express that we, too, experience moments of doubt and disbelief, and that we are sometimes left wishing for answers God has not provided.

Why should such people leave Christianity? I came to Christ because i had an experience with God where I felt his presence and just knew that Jesus was real and could forgive my sins. Non-theistic Buddhists describe belief in a god as "unskilful" as it can actually harm the spiritual life of a person.

Nobody should be afraid of finding out what those facts, thoughts and discoveries are.Christian students face hostility to their faith from one side, and apathy to anything of importance from the other side.

Students re-entering American culture from the outside are particularly vulnerable, especially if they are unaware of the vast cultural changes that are waiting for them. Consciencebound to Leave the Faith Sent in by Jeff. Image via Wikipedia.

7 Reasons Why Christians Abandon the Faith

I had a conversation with someone lately via email and they were asking about how I became a Christian and how I ended up leaving the Christian faith. Most of the time people who are Christians do not see how someone could have been a “true Christian” if they end up.

- The Concept of Church, Faith, and Prayer in Catholicism There is no doubt that the fundamental idea of Church, faith, and prayer lived by the early Christian, needs to be rediscovered among many contemporary Christians.

Since I’ve been following the Lord over the last three decades, I’ve watched Christians—some of them being the most faithful and the most zealous of my friends—leave the Lord and veer off into atheism or some other world religion.

There are many reasons why people leave Christianity, but the most common reason for a very serious Christian to leave is through research. Ironically this often happens when research is carried out in order be a better exponent of Christianity.

They leave because they have troubling, unanswered questions about the faith. Essentially, they come to doubt that Christianity offers compelling answers to the tough questions—questions related to science, suffering, sexuality.

Why christian leave the faith essay
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